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Societas Heraldica Slovenica
Quarterly 1 and 4: Azure, 2 and 3: barry of six Argent and Gules, overall a panther incensed rampant Or armed and langued Gules and charged on the chest an escutcheon Azure, three mullets of six points of the Fourth.
Upon a helm wreathed of three colours and mantled, to dexter Gules doubled Argent and to sinister Azure doubled Argent, a plume of seven peacock feathers proper charged with a Crescent of Krain counter compony Gules and Or.
CUM FUTURAM QUAERAS, HISTORAM CUSTODI (in Latin: When thou seekest the future, keep history in mind)
Registered Societas Heraldica Slovenica, March 25, 2005
Heraldic artist: Dipl.ecc. Nebojsa Dikich, Herald: Nenad M. Jovanovich, Source: CROM Board for Heraldic and Genealogical Studies, June 16, 2005
bibliografija / bibliography
  • Panther design sourced from tafel 47, Steyermark, c1890, Siegenfeld, Alfred Ritter Anthony von. Das Landeswappen der Steiremark. Graz, Verlags-Buchhandlung Styria, 1900.

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Released: March 25, 2005
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